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Sometimes Things Go Off Track and The Only Option Is To

Fight Back.

We live in unprecedented times where the predictability of the immigration process is always in question. With the Trump Administration’s repeated attacks on the immigration system, many applicants face delays and denials that would have never happened in years prior.


Unsticking stuck cases through litigation

We regularly sue the U.S. government in an effort to fight back against its unreasonably slow processing times. Immigration applicants pay hefty fees in order to ensure that the government can hire sufficient adjudicators to handle its workload. And yet, even as volume falls processing times increase.

Our firm has handled multiple lawsuits against the government’s seemingly nonsensical processing times. After the filing of a complaint, we handle negotiating settlements with opposing litigation counsel and taking the matter to a judge when we are unable to bring about resolution.


Attacking denials in the courts

In recent years, the government has abandoned its policy of deferring to previous approvals. The government has also reinterpreted its own regulations and policies in an effort to foster a “culture of no.”

Immigrants and those who sponsor them have rights. The government must follow the law. We are ready willing and able to take on litigation in matters where the government has strayed from controlling precedents or demanded evidence beyond what is required in immigration proceeding.

For example, the firm’s Principal, Matthew Galati, served as counsel pro hac vice in the seminal district court case Shalom Pentecostal Church. As a result of that ruling and its ensuing victory before the Third Circuit, two illegally procured regulations are no longer in effect.

The Galati Law firm has significant experience in resolving delays and denials in the federal courts. If you would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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