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Jazz is not a dying art, as affirmed by USCIS with granting O-1B visa approval to our clients

Our client, “Sarah,” marks yet another O-1B visa approval for our Firm. Sarah is an recent graduate of a prestigious music school and jazz vocalist, performing as a solo artist and in various group ensembles. She also performs as a feature in numerous collaborative projects, songs, and albums—including her own. Sarah has toured throughout Europe and South America and has sung in impressive venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center, both located in New York, NY, where cherished artists like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald have performed. Naturally, we thought Sarah was of “Extraordinary Ability” caliber, and USCIS has agreed.

This approval follows a recent O-1B approval our firm received of another client, “Sophia”, who is a world class harpist, fully mastering the seemingly contrasting genres of classical and jazz music. Sophia, similar to Sarah, has met at least three of the required criteria for extraordinary ability classification, as both extraordinary individuals have worked in leading roles, received national / international recognition, have been acknowledged by expert musicians in the field, and have garnered critically acclaimed success.

As an overview of the O-1 visa category, only the “best and brightest” individuals are eligible. The O-1 visa is a temporary visa that requires sponsorship by a U.S. employer or U.S. based agent. It is available for an initial period of up to three years, with an unlimited number of one-year extensions or new petitions available thereafter. O-1 visas are available to individuals who have extraordinary ability in business, athletics, or the sciences (O-1A) or are recognized as distinguished in the arts (O-1B). The visa classification also allows for accompanying essential personnel (O-2) or derivative family members (O-3).

Individuals can qualify for the O-1 visa by winning a major internationally recognized award in their fields, such as a Grammy. However, the vast majority of applicants are awarded O-1 visas after proving that they meet at least three regulatory criteria serving as evidence of their success in their respective fields, as set forth in the Immigration & Nationality Act.

Our firm represents many clients seeking O-1 visas, as well as the immigrant visa analogues, specifically the EB-1A visa or EB-2 National Interest Waiver. We have significant experience in securing visas for the world’s best and brightest across a multitude of disciplines. If you would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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