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The Public Charge Rule takes Effect Today, February 24, 2020

USCIS and The Department of State have now implemented the Public Charge Rule, which makes it more difficult for those who have utilized public assistance or have heavy debts from immigrating to the United States.

Effective today, USCIS has inaugurated several new forms that go into effect immediately. These forms include new versions of Forms I-129, I-485, and I-864, among others. Importantly, most adjustment applicants must now also file the Form I-944, Declaration of Self-Sufficiency, a complicated form that requires disclosure of household income, assets/debts, credit reports, health insurance, and other information previously unnecessary for adjustment.

On the DOS side, the agency has finalized the Form DS-5540, Public Charge Questionnaire. This is a paper-based form and it is not, at this time, clear when visa applicants will be required to complete this information.

We will keep our readers apprised of future developments.

For more information regarding how the Public Charge Rule might affect your employees or your family, contact us today.

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