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Success Story: The Galati Law Firm Proudly Congratulates its Latest Approved Portuguese Golden Visa

It is our pleasure to announce that after only a few short months of the process in pursuit of the Portuguese Golden Visa, an Indian national / U.S. nonimmigrant visa holder and client of The Galati Law Firm was just notified that he received approval of his visa application. The visa accordingly will be issued following a biometrics appointment and submission of updated admissibility documents.

In this case, our client, “Kevin,” sought to acquire the Portuguese Golden Visa following several successful cryptocurrency investments. Working with our firm and strategic banking and legal partners in Lisbon, Kevin was able to document his source of wealth and subsequent €350,000 investment into a qualifying venture capital fund.

As a brief summary, the Portuguese Golden Visa is a route for non-European Union citizens to obtain temporary residency by way of investment options, including real estate or property, company acquisition, venture capital, or other investment project options approved by Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (“SEF” – Portugal’s immigration agency)—some structured to support the science or arts / cultural community.

Some attractive benefits of obtaining the Portuguese Golden Visa are the ease of travel through countries of the European Union and Schengen Area, study or work authorization in Portugal, extremely low minimum physical presence requirements to maintain the visa, as well as the option for EU citizenship after five years of residency.

Obtaining a second residency or citizenship has been increasingly appealing for single-country citizens around the world. Consider, for example, the statistics mentioned in our blog post from earlier this year, sharing that the U.S. came in at the top 5 nationalities in the year 2020 to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa. In the same year that COVID-19 severely disrupted our lives, in terms of our overall health, the world’s economic stability, and travel, the Portuguese Visa Program was one of few immigration programs that was not stifled drastically in the United States. Recognizing the growing popularity of this visa option, our firm partnered with a reputable immigration firm in Portugal to establish a seamless application avenue and solidify our services of outbound immigration to Portugal towards the end of last year.

We are very honored to have assisted our client in this process, as he has paved the successful way for future clients. We are excited to continue to assist prospective applicants in this process, so please do not hesitate to contact us today!

The attorneys of the Galati Law Firm are licensed only in U.S. jurisdictions. All foreign immigration applications are submitted by qualified counsel.

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