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USCIS Announces Reopening of Individual Domestic Offices on or after June 4th

In the wake of COVID-19 shutdowns affecting public-facing aspects of USCIS operations, the agency today announced that some of its offices will be reopening for non-emergency public services beginning June 4. Applicants with cancelled appointments (including ASC, interviews, and naturalizations) should expect them to be automatically rescheduled with a new notice setting forth a time and date. The openings may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction as the agency will publish the status of individual offices, on its office closures page.

The agency cautions customers that “If you are feeling sick, please do not come to the office” Applicants with a scheduled appointment may reschedule their appointments for a health reason with no penalty. The agency has provided a list of precautionary measures provided on the USCIS website that should be followed by all Applicants entering USCIS facilities, including a bar on those who have had COVID-19 symptoms in the preceding 14 days, been in contact with those who have, or faced mandatory quarantines. Further, all visitors must wear masks. Appointment notices will contain information on safety precautions that visitors to USCIS facilities must follow.

Notably the number of appointments and interviews will be reduced to ensure social distancing.

Contact us today for more information regarding how COVID-19 related interruptions to U.S. immigration processes affect your business or your family.

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